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Welcome to No Smoke Dining! We are the Internet’s leading resource for e-cigarette fans who want information about where they can use their favorite e-cigs in public. We use this website to provide e-cig users with information on the latest e-cig restrictions and bans. If you are tired of suspicious stares or snarky remarks every time you vape in public, we are here to help.

Read our articles to learn how to be a sneaky vaper. We’ll teach you how to avoid questions and stares while vaping and you will also find information on how to handle it when someone confronts you about using e-cigs in a public place. By learning what to tell people about e-cigarettes, you are spreading knowledge to help more smokers learn about e-cigs and make a healthier choice by using electronic cigarettes. You don’t have to be embarrassed or hide your e-cig anymore. Use our website to guide you as you learn the best ways to vape in public.