Public Vaping is Discreet with White Cloud InvisiVapor Cartridges

If you are new to the electronic cigarette market then you may not have heard about White Cloud Invis-Vapor cartridges. These things are like magic! Many times when someone makes the switch from smoking tobacco to using electronic cigarettes they are worried about being seen smoking in a public place. The reason for this worry is because tobacco has been banned in so many public places and folks are worried they may get into trouble using ecigs. Don’t fear, if you want to be discreet with your new love of vaping then you can do so by using White Cloud Invis-Vapor Cartridges because they do not have a visable vapor! Yes you read that right, there is no visible vapor! You can vape these little gems in the middle of the best restaurant in town without being noticed! How’s that for a nice cool product!

The folks who created electronic cigarettes are starting to go all out in their creation of new and better ecigs. They are hearing what you want and they are providing them in abundance.

White Cloud Invis-Vapor Cartridges are what I believe to be the best on the market because they are so descreet. If I was a person who used electronic cigarettes I would definitely go out and buy these today and start using them in places where I could possibly get caught, just to prove a point. I like to be a bit of a rebel like that, but I am telling you these cartridges will not cause any unwanted attention to come your direction. Use them without fear and love “vaping” once again!

Avoid Unnecessary Hassle While Vaping In Public

As a man that spent nearly 20 years of his life enjoying the pleasure of a relaxing cigarette, I have grown accustomed to the stares and the looks that people give me when I would enjoy a smoke. I actually got to the point where I would just ignore the hateful looks and simply enjoy the smoke. However I made a change in my life a few years ago. I decided to drop the cigarettes and pick up electronic cigarettes. The differences are huge. Ecigs do not contain tobacco or any of the harmful chemicals that are added to tobacco cigarettes. Ecigs do not burn so there is no fire to worry about. Ecigs do not put off smoke and you do not blow out any smoke. There is no smell and there is no odor that sticks to your clothes. The only thing that the ecig does is provide the user with a burst of flavor and a rush of nicotine. This brings me back to my original point.

Using an electronic cigarette is known as vaping. Vaping in public is similar to smoking in public in that you still have people staring at you. However this time I am starting to realize that the people are not disgusted but simply confused. They see me using a device that looks similar to a cigarette but they also see that there is no smoke. They notice that when they walk by they do not smell tobacco but instead they are witnessing the exhaust of the ecig known as water vapor. Vaping in public is no longer a faux-pa. You no longer have to worry about offending people with the smell and you no longer have to worry about smelling like a dirty ashtray. I vape in public everyday and I am quickly learning that the public is accepting of this new device. Are you?

Concerns About Using Electronic Cigarettes in Public

Over the past five years or so electronic cigarettes have really caught on with the American population. While there are several reasons that people have for making the switch from the standard, tobacco laced cigarettes to the electronic version is because of the laws that have been passed which make it impossible to smoke in public. As of right now there are very few places where you can’t use electronic cigarettes. Since they don’t smell or produce any harmful secondhand smoke, there’s nothing to object to.

If you plan on using your electronic cigarettes in a public location, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

You shouldn’t expect everyone to simply accept that you’re allowed to use your e-cig. Despite the popularity of the electronic cigarettes, there’s still a lot of people who have never heard of the battery powered device. They will question your right to use the devices in public. Each time you pull the device out of your pocket you should be prepared to explain what the device is.

It’s not a bad idea to ask the person in charge of the establishment about their rules regarding the electronic cigarettes. Some places, such as hospitals and government buildings won’t let you use the e-cigs.

If the main reason you’re purchasing electronic cigs is so you can enjoy nicotine while you’re in public, you should probably look for a device that does not bear a strong resemblance to traditional cigarettes. There are currently several brightly colored and patterned batteries you can use. These unusual looking devices will prevent people from thinking your smoking.

The great thing about using electronic cigs in public is that they’re great conversation pieces. You will be amazed by the number of people who want to know about your battery powered device.

How to Stop Smoking Tobacco and Opt for E-Cigs

If you have ever tried to quit smoking you know that it is one of the hardest things you may ever try to do in your life. Tobacco is such an additive drug that it is nearly impossible to quit it once you have started. The good news is that electronic cigarettes are now making this once impossible dream, a reality.

The first step to making your dream a reality is for you to do some research online and find out what type of electronic cigarette you may be interested in purchasing. It may be best to start out with a disposable one so that you can give them a try before you purchase an expensive one you will be stuck with.

Once you purchase your electronic cigarette you will want to start cutting back on how many traditional cigarettes you smoke each day and start to use your e-cig in their place. This should be fairly easy as electronic cigarettes are made to closely resemble the traditional smoking method. They are made to look, feel and even taste like traditional cigarettes.

Once you have made the switch you will find that your addiction to tobacco is gone and then you will need to slow down your use of your e-cig and therefore cut back on your nicotine addiction as well.

It is possible for you to stop smoking traditional cigarettes in a matter of a few weeks, and then you can focus on stopping use of your electronic cigarette as well. Take your time, but you will find that it becomes easier as each day passes to smoke less and less until you finally quit.

Smoke Vs. Vapor

As we all have learned smoking is bad for your health. This article is written to help inform you how vapor is different from smoke and how it is a healthier alternative for you to try.

When you smoke, the chemicals and drugs in the cigarette heat up to the point of combustion, thus causing the harmful chemicals and drugs to burn and be inhaled into your system. When you use a vaporizer on the other hand, the herbs or nicotine solution is not being heated enough to cause them to combust so there is no smoke and therefore not as many harmful chemicals being inhaled. Three measured toxins are completely taken out of the equation by using a vaporizer, these are benzene, toluene, naphthalene. Some other toxins such as carbon monoxide and tar are also greatly reduced.

In further studies it has been shown that the harmful effect of the chemicals and herbs you choose are lessoned or increased by which vaporizer you choose. If as mentioned before in this article you use a vaporizer known as the Volcano, most of the toxins will be eliminated. It is important to do your homework then when choosing which vaporizer is right for you as this can make a huge impact on your health.

As we all know and as was stated earlier smoking is dangerous and hazardous to your health, this is a known fact. By using a personal vaporizer or e-cigarette, you are reducing exposure to thousands of toxic chemicals and making a healthy choice for your body.

How My Friend Used E-Cigs and Stopped Smoking

I am very excited to tell you how my friend Amy quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. Amy was a heavy smoker, who smoked at least a pack of tobacco cigarettes per day. She started her habit back when she was just 18 years old. She had been smoking now for twenty one years and didn’t see how she could ever stop.

Amy had tried many different types of helps to quit smoking. She gave the nicotine patch a try for a few months. She didn’t really like the patch because it used to get irritated and red around it and caused her to itch uncontrollably. One time when she was wearing the patch she forgot it was on and smoked a cigarette. She became terribly sick and as unable to do anything for about a week. That was the end of the patch.

She also gave the nicotine gum a try but found that it was not a good flavor and could not be chewed like regular chewing gum. Nicorette is actually made to be held between your cheek and gum rather than chewed.

Once Amy heard about electronic cigarettes, she decided to give them a try. It was crazy but in a matter of only one week she was able to give up traditional cigarettes completely! I was amazed and asked her how she was able to do this. She explained that the smoking habit is not just a drug habit but also the oral habit of putting the cigarette in your mouth. Electronic cigarettes are made to look, taste and feel like traditional cigarettes and this is the reason they worked better than anything to help her quit!

How Do Personal Vaporizers Work?

To help you understand a bit more just exactly how vaporizers work, you will want to think about a few things. When you are cooking and you need to heat up a pot of water to boil something you are actually working with molecules. When you heat up the water, the water molecules escape and the liquid becomes a vapor. If you decided to leave the water in the pot and not turn the burner on, the water will still evaporate, but at a much slower rate than when you apply heat to it by turning the burner on. Once the water becomes hot it evaporates and when it reaches the state of boiling it evaporates even faster.

Another way to see how vaporization occurs is by going into your bathroom and pulling out your hairdryer and doing a little experiment. Go ahead and shampoo your hair and then get your dryer out and begin to dry your hair. Your hair is going to dry faster by using the hair dryer than if you left your hair to dry naturally of course. This is because the heat from the hairdryer is evaporating the water in your hair. When you leave your hair to dry naturally, the air around you is simply not hot enough to evaporate the water in your hair quickly.

Your personal vaporizer device works with this same way. As you probably have already experienced herbs will release their natural oils into the air if they are just left to sit in a room for perhaps aromatherapy purposes, but if you apply heat to the herbs, the release of their natural oils will happen much more quickly.

If you are using a vaporizer as an alternative to smoking tobacco, you will be doing yourself a favor because by inhaling the vapors instead of smoking tobacco, you are helping your lungs to heal and not be further harmed.

Help The Environment With E-Cigs

If you are interested, as many Americans are today, in helping to make the world a cleaner place and cleaning up the environment then you will be interested in how the use of electronic cigarettes can help.

Traditional cigarettes as we all know contain tobacco and emit second hand smoke. This second hand smoke harms not only everyone around us, but also is harmful to the environment. Not only do traditional cigarettes cause harm in this way but they also are harmful because they produce cigarette butts which are thrown into the streets and take years to decompose. They in no way contribute to a greener cleaner world.

Electronic Cigarettes on the other hand, do not contain any tobacco and therefore do not cause second hand smoke. This is great news for everyone and the environment as well. Also electronic cigarettes are plastic and are re-usable so there is no need to throw them away when you are finished smoking. All you need to do is throw away the cartridges and refill and continue using the electronic cigarette.

If you are a smoker and have ever thought about what you could do personally to help the environment and the world around you, you would do yourself and everyone else a favor if you gave electronic cigarettes a try.

Go online today or visit one of your local convenience stores to find out all the different electronic cigarettes there are to choose from and make the switch today. You will find a host of types and styles and flavors to choose from and quite possibly may be able to stop smoking forever with the help of electronic cigarettes.