Smoke in the Cold Weather with Electronic Cigarettes

Currently I have the privilege of living in an area that is experiencing a record cold winter. To be exact, earlier this week, it was so cold that they cancelled school because of the temperature outside. I remember as a child that school was never called off due the extreme cold. Our parents just bundled us up and let us walk to school. If we were lucky, my mom might have been able to take us to school or let us ride the bus, but we still went to school. But now I realize that perhaps it might have been better to not go to school in such cold weather. It was so cold here recently that if you were to go outside with any exposed skin, you could easily get frostbite if you stayed out longer than five minutes. Now that is cold.

So for people like me that smoke year-round and don’t want to go outside and lose a finger just to smoke a cigarette, there is a way to get around it and still get your nicotine fix. Electronic cigarettes are not a new product in most places, but they are still a very new idea to many people including smokers. I have known about them for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided that I might give them a try. I wondered what is the vapor in electronic cigarettes and got answers by researching the topic. Perhaps it was the impending winter that made me want to go to the store this fall to see what types of electronic cigarettes were available for purchase.

Another reason that they may have been on my mind could be because I have been seeing commercials for best electronic cigarettes on television recently. I am not sure that this was enough to get me to buy them or at least that brand, but it was a good reminder that they were an option for times when I didn’t want to go outside to smoke. If you live in a cold climate like me, you have probably had the same thoughts about not wanting to go outside to smoke because you didn’t want to bundle up just to step outside onto your deck or front step.

They are also great when you are taking a long trip in the car on cold winter days. Since there is no smoke coming from an electronic cigarette, just vapor, then you don’t need to crack your window to let out smoke as well as letting in the cold. This is a good option for those of you who have others riding in the car with you who don’t appreciate cigarette smoke as much as you might. As a matter of fact, you won’t have to worry about going out in the cold no matter where you are including restaurants and bars. If you make the switch to electronic cigarettes like I did, you can go wherever you want and smoke your cigarettes and stay nice and cozy warm inside with everyone else.