Places Where Ecigs are Banned

New York recently voted that ecigs were no longer going to be allowed in public buildings, which includes libraries, clubs, schools, bars, and restaurants. This marks a major blow to those of us who vape, especially since some of us only started to us ecigs because we would be able to enjoy them in spots where smoking had been banned.

What truly worrisome about New York’s new policy is the fact that it probably won’t be long before other states follow suit and vapers all over the country find themselves struggling to locate a place where they can enjoy their ecigs. The reason for the increased restrictions on where you can and can’t use ecigs has been triggered by people who refuse to listen to any logical argument about just how safe the devices are. Most states have already issued a ban on using ecigs in hospitals and courthouses.

The exact places where ecigs are banned varies from state to state and city to city. If you’re in an unfamiliar place, it’s in your best interest to ask what the establishments policy is regarding the use of ecigs before you pull yours out of your purse or your pocket.

The good news is that some steps are being taken to make sure you always have someone where you can go to enjoy your ecigs. All over the country, ecig lounges have been popping up. These provide you with a safe pace you can go and enjoy your ecigs. The great thing about the ecig lounges is that they’re a great place to meet people and to learn more about ecigs.