Electronic Cigarette Etiquette for All Vapers to Remember

If you are new to using electronic cigarettes, and especially if you have made the switch from traditional tobacco products, you may be wondering if electronic cigarettes require the same etiquette when using them in public. Here are some tips to using electronic cigarettes correctly in different settings:

When using them somewhere like a restaurant or store, always ask the management first if electronic cigarettes must be smoked outside like regular cigarettes. Sometimes they are treated the same, other times they are allowed indoors. A good rule of thumb is to always, always ask before using!

If you go to someone’s home and want to use an electronic cigarette, again, always ask first. Sometimes people have a sensitive nose to the smell of some of the vapor flavors. They also may be opposed to having any sort of smoking products in their home. As a guest in their home, the best thing to do is ask first, and be prepared to step outside to smoke if need be.

Another thing is to be mindful that most people are not really familiar with electronic cigarettes and will still see the like tobacco cigarettes. They will imagine a cloud of smoke, a strong smell, and see them as a disruption. It’s best to educate them tactfully on electronic cigarettes, and show them that they are different. You may find that people are proud of your desire and will to stop smoking tobacco, and will encourage you to use them if it helps you to stop smoking.

You may also find that as you use electronic cigarettes, your need to use them will decrease over time, then you won’t need these tips at all!

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