Using Ecigs In Restaurants

The smoke police have struck again. I have to admit that I have made a few enemies on this topic before. I am one of the most freedom loving people in the world. I think a person should be free to do anything they want. While I appreciate laws and regulations I also love freedom. This means, to me, that if a person would like to smoke in public they should be allowed to. I also happen to be a huge fan of ecigs. I think a person should be able to use ecigs in restaurants. I mean when you think about it what is the main problem. I think the main reason why so many people have a hard time with allowing ecigs in restaurants is that they think they are smoking regular cigarettes. That is crazy. Using ecigs in restaurants is nothing more than breathing. While there might be a cloud and there might be a slight odor, there are no toxic chemicals at all.

So many people have a hard time with the ecig world because there has not been enough effort given to combat the false information. We have allowed the media to paint the ecigs as a bad thing. We have allowed them to drive the narrative. I have learned that the best defense is a good offense. So instead of allowing the media the chance to set the argument, why don’t we go on the offensive? When it comes to using ecigs in restaurants I would have to urge all of my vaping brethren to show no mercy. If we would all just do our thing and let the pieces fall where they may…we might make a difference.

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