Opinions On Using Ecigs In Public

When it comes to the world of the ecig there are always going to be numerous opinions and thoughts. I have learned that although the world hates cigarettes in general, they are also being taught to hate the ecig. The saddest part of this is that the ecig is one of the best and most helpful things to be given to the smoker since the lighter. The ecig does not have tobacco and it does not produce smoke. The ecig does not produce any ash at all and it does not cause any problems with second hand smoke. The reality of the ecig is that it is cleaner, cheaper, and healthier than the regular cigarette. However the world is turning their noses up at these devices mainly because the media and the politicians are not in favor of them. I have been saying for years that the large tobacco companies are the ones behind the smear campaign of ecigs. They are losing billions of dollars and they are going to do whatever they have to do in order to stop this loss of funds.

So what are your opinions on using ecigs in public? Most people are against this and I am not sure why. The reality is that the ecig does not produce any issues for the public. There are no ashes to burn you and there is no second hand smoke that can cause you to develop cancer. The truth of the matter is that the stigma behind the ecig in public is nothing more than residual stigma from regular cigarettes. Opinions range from hating the use of these things to not caring at all. I think once the public learns for themselves they will be much better off.

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