New Zealand Study is Good News for Anyone Who Wants to Quit Smoking

According to a study that was recently conducted in New Zealand, one of the reasons that people who currently smoke should seriously consider making the leap from conventional cigarettes to ecigs is that there’s a good chance that the battery powered ecigs could help them give up nicotine once and for all, something that’s very difficult to do. Ecigs make quitting possible.

The study revealed that ecigs are every bit as effective as quit smoking devices as quit smoking patches, and some people who weren’t involved in the study are quick to point out that they weren’t able to wean themselves from nicotine until they purchased an electronic cigarette starter kit.

Researchers created three separate groups of smokers, all of whom expressed an interest in quitting smoking. The largest group was given nicotine patches, one received a placebo, and the third set were issued nicotine free ecigs. The study lasted for six months, and while not everyone was able to break their reliance on nicotine, 3 of the participants that were issued ecigs reported they’d stopped smoking. Other members of that group said they experienced a significant decrease in the number of cigarettes they smoked on a daily basis.

The study was set up so that participants could receive support via a phone line, but organizers reported that very few participants felt the need to call. One of the things that many people have noted is that the ecigs have been especially helpful for individuals who have tried using patches to quit smoking, but still needed a little extra help.

The New Zealand study was so well conducted and the results were published in a popular medical journal, The Lancet.

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