Vaping Etiquette for Restaurants

As a former smoker, I really crave my ecig right after a good meal so restaurants sometimes pose a challenge. There is no policy that dictates what restaurants should do about vapers in my area, so it’s really up to individual management to decide whether to allow ecigs inside or make them head out to the patio. If you are like me, it can be difficult to discern when it’s okay to vape and when you should just head outside. Here are some etiquette tips to guide you during your next restaurant adventure.

First, don’t be a cloud chaser in the restaurant. If you are going to try to vape in a public place, be discreet about it. Leave your big mod at home and take a smaller ecig that won’t create a massive haze and draw attention. I usually take a basic cigalike when I go out to eat and that way I can use it without anyone really noticing. The key is to avoid big vaper clouds. There isn’t really a smell to give you away so visibility is the key to avoid confrontations. When you inhale the vapor, take smaller puffs and then hold it in a few extra seconds and most of it should dissipate before you even exhale.

Second, handle confrontations with an extra measure of grace. Remember that most people are really misinformed about vaping so if someone says something negative about you using your ecig, use it as an opportunity to educate them kindly on the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Explain that it is tobacco-free and the “smoke” is only water vapor with no chemicals or carcinogens to put anyone in danger. I usually tell people that I was a smoker for years, but the ecig is my smoking cessation aide. That typically does the trick!

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