Should Ecigs Be Used In Public?

When it comes to smoking and the public opinions we are all aware of the information. Most people are against smoking in public since the issues are well documented. Issues such as second hand smoke and even burns are very well documented and they have led to the major ban on smoking in public. However there is a new phenomenon moving across the country known as vaping. Vaping is similar to smoking in that the user has a device that they “puff” on and the device delivers nicotine. But apart from that there are no major similarities. Vaping produces zero smoke and there are no ashes. All that is produced is a water vapor. So the question needs to be asked. Is it ok to use ecigs in public? Well it will depend on whom you ask.

The mayor of New York City thinks that vaping in public is a danger and a health hazard. Of course he overlooks the hundreds of doctors that disagree. Why? Because he has good friends and loyal campaign contributors that are linked to tobacco as well as drug companies. Using ecigs in public are much different than smoking because the health concerns have been removed. All that remains is the public stigma. So I must ask a serious question. If vaping is so bad then why are there hundreds of doctors that are encouraging a switch from tobacco to ecigs? They are simply a safer alternative. Vaping in public is a good thing for the user but for those not using they will have to get used to the idea. They are not being endangered and they are not being cramped. Should ecigs be used in public? I say yes.

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