Should Electronic Cigarettes Be Allowed In Public?

The topic of smoking is always going to be a lightening rod for both criticism and slander. While most researchers, as well as regular people, will admit that smoking is harmful, there seems to be a huge discrepancy in the emotions that people have towards electronic cigarettes. The real issue, I believe, boils down to the fact that big tobacco companies are losing billions of dollars, millions of customers, and they are using their vast resources to prop up a smear campaign against electronic cigarettes. Lets be honest, we all know that smoking is bad for us. Any time we place a foreign substance in our body it is bound to do something harmful over the long term. While this might be the case, there is no denying the fact that electronic cigarettes are a much safer, cheaper, and cleaner alternative to smoking. This leads to the real question. Should electronic cigarettes be allowed in public places such as malls, restaurants, schools, or anywhere else?

Smoking in public has been banned for some time now. There was a time when you could sit in a smoking section of a public building but those days are long gone. Now days the act of smoking has been villainized and those that smoke are considered, and treated, like they have leprosy. However with the invention and the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes you would think that the public would welcome this new deice. Not so. More and more people are banning the use of these items from public and they are classifying them the same way that they do regular cigarettes. Except there is one huge flaw in their logic. Electronic cigarettes are not like regular cigarettes.

Regular cigarettes are known to contain thousands of added chemicals, copious amounts of tobacco and tar. These items must be set on fire and then inhaled in order to use them. The very act itself sounds barbaric. However electronic cigarettes are different. Ecigs do not contain 1 speck of tobacco, the have none of the chemicals that regular cigarettes have, and they produce zero smoke. Second hand smoke was often labeled as the reason that smoking was banned in public however we are starting to see that the real reason was for preference. The reason I say this is because electronic cigarettes produce zero smoke. Instead they produce nothing but water vapor. I have never heard of second hand water vapor poisoning…have you?

Should electronic cigarettes be allowed in public places? I would say yes. I would however say that places like bars and restaurants need to have a designated section for these activities. The real issue here is not health and it is not public safety. I have always said that in order to find the root of the issue you must follow the money. The money leads directly to large tobacco and the politicians that they support.

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