Etiquette For Public Vaping

Public vaping is a hot topic these days. With traditional cigarettes being banned in most all public places, the entrance of electronic cigarettes is not always so easy. There are a few ways that you can keep those folks who do not smoke or vape around you happy and I hope to shed a light on a little bit of that etiquette for public vaping in this article today.

Be sure before you “light-up” that you are allowed to do so at any given business. Although electronic cigarettes do not give off harmful second hand smoke, many people and owners of businesses still do not know enough about them to make them feel comfortable allowing them to be used without bans in their place of business. I believe that once more evidence comes out and more people learn more about ecigs, they will soon be allowed to be used basically anywhere you wish. Until then, chill out and pay attention to whether or not it is alright for you to vape in a public spot or not. You don’t want to come off to the public like an arrogant clown, so do your part to stay cool and only use your ecig where you are definitely allowed to do so.

Be sure that you know enough about your ecig that you can give someone who has a problem with it a good ear full of how they are not bad for you. If you just say they are not bad for you and you don’t explain why it is likely you are going to look like you are making excuses. Be informed and make others informed and ecigs will begin to take root once and for all.

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