Public Vaping is Discreet with White Cloud InvisiVapor Cartridges

If you are new to the electronic cigarette market then you may not have heard about White Cloud Invis-Vapor cartridges. These things are like magic! Many times when someone makes the switch from smoking tobacco to using electronic cigarettes they are worried about being seen smoking in a public place. The reason for this worry is because tobacco has been banned in so many public places and folks are worried they may get into trouble using ecigs. Don’t fear, if you want to be discreet with your new love of vaping then you can do so by using White Cloud Invis-Vapor Cartridges because they do not have a visable vapor! Yes you read that right, there is no visible vapor! You can vape these little gems in the middle of the best restaurant in town without being noticed! How’s that for a nice cool product!

The folks who created electronic cigarettes are starting to go all out in their creation of new and better ecigs. They are hearing what you want and they are providing them in abundance.

White Cloud Invis-Vapor Cartridges are what I believe to be the best on the market because they are so descreet. If I was a person who used electronic cigarettes I would definitely go out and buy these today and start using them in places where I could possibly get caught, just to prove a point. I like to be a bit of a rebel like that, but I am telling you these cartridges will not cause any unwanted attention to come your direction. Use them without fear and love “vaping” once again!

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