Smoke Vs. Vapor

As we all have learned smoking is bad for your health. This article is written to help inform you how vapor is different from smoke and how it is a healthier alternative for you to try.

When you smoke, the chemicals and drugs in the cigarette heat up to the point of combustion, thus causing the harmful chemicals and drugs to burn and be inhaled into your system. When you use a vaporizer on the other hand, the herbs or nicotine solution is not being heated enough to cause them to combust so there is no smoke and therefore not as many harmful chemicals being inhaled. Three measured toxins are completely taken out of the equation by using a vaporizer, these are benzene, toluene, naphthalene. Some other toxins such as carbon monoxide and tar are also greatly reduced.

In further studies it has been shown that the harmful effect of the chemicals and herbs you choose are lessoned or increased by which vaporizer you choose. If as mentioned before in this article you use a vaporizer known as the Volcano, most of the toxins will be eliminated. It is important to do your homework then when choosing which vaporizer is right for you as this can make a huge impact on your health.

As we all know and as was stated earlier smoking is dangerous and hazardous to your health, this is a known fact. By using a personal vaporizer or e-cigarette, you are reducing exposure to thousands of toxic chemicals and making a healthy choice for your body.

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