How My Friend Used E-Cigs and Stopped Smoking

I am very excited to tell you how my friend Amy quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. Amy was a heavy smoker, who smoked at least a pack of tobacco cigarettes per day. She started her habit back when she was just 18 years old. She had been smoking now for twenty one years and didn’t see how she could ever stop.

Amy had tried many different types of helps to quit smoking. She gave the nicotine patch a try for a few months. She didn’t really like the patch because it used to get irritated and red around it and caused her to itch uncontrollably. One time when she was wearing the patch she forgot it was on and smoked a cigarette. She became terribly sick and as unable to do anything for about a week. That was the end of the patch.

She also gave the nicotine gum a try but found that it was not a good flavor and could not be chewed like regular chewing gum. Nicorette is actually made to be held between your cheek and gum rather than chewed.

Once Amy heard about electronic cigarettes, she decided to give them a try. It was crazy but in a matter of only one week she was able to give up traditional cigarettes completely! I was amazed and asked her how she was able to do this. She explained that the smoking habit is not just a drug habit but also the oral habit of putting the cigarette in your mouth. Electronic cigarettes are made to look, taste and feel like traditional cigarettes and this is the reason they worked better than anything to help her quit!

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