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Read our articles to learn how to be a sneaky vaper. We’ll teach you how to avoid questions and stares while vaping and you will also find information on how to handle it when someone confronts you about using e-cigs in a public place. By learning what to tell people about e-cigarettes, you are spreading knowledge to help more smokers learn about e-cigs and make a healthier choice by using electronic cigarettes. You don’t have to be embarrassed or hide your e-cig anymore. Use our website to guide you as you learn the best ways to vape in public.

Smoke in the Cold Weather with Electronic Cigarettes

Currently I have the privilege of living in an area that is experiencing a record cold winter. To be exact, earlier this week, it was so cold that they cancelled school because of the temperature outside. I remember as a child that school was never called off due the extreme cold. Our parents just bundled us up and let us walk to school. If we were lucky, my mom might have been able to take us to school or let us ride the bus, but we still went to school. But now I realize that perhaps it might have been better to not go to school in such cold weather. It was so cold here recently that if you were to go outside with any exposed skin, you could easily get frostbite if you stayed out longer than five minutes. Now that is cold.

So for people like me that smoke year-round and don’t want to go outside and lose a finger just to smoke a cigarette, there is a way to get around it and still get your nicotine fix. Electronic cigarettes are not a new product in most places, but they are still a very new idea to many people including smokers. I have known about them for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided that I might give them a try. I wondered what is the vapor in electronic cigarettes and got answers by researching the topic. Perhaps it was the impending winter that made me want to go to the store this fall to see what types of electronic cigarettes were available for purchase.

Another reason that they may have been on my mind could be because I have been seeing commercials for best electronic cigarettes on television recently. I am not sure that this was enough to get me to buy them or at least that brand, but it was a good reminder that they were an option for times when I didn’t want to go outside to smoke. If you live in a cold climate like me, you have probably had the same thoughts about not wanting to go outside to smoke because you didn’t want to bundle up just to step outside onto your deck or front step.

They are also great when you are taking a long trip in the car on cold winter days. Since there is no smoke coming from an electronic cigarette, just vapor, then you don’t need to crack your window to let out smoke as well as letting in the cold. This is a good option for those of you who have others riding in the car with you who don’t appreciate cigarette smoke as much as you might. As a matter of fact, you won’t have to worry about going out in the cold no matter where you are including restaurants and bars. If you make the switch to electronic cigarettes like I did, you can go wherever you want and smoke your cigarettes and stay nice and cozy warm inside with everyone else.

Create an Escape with the Aroma of K2 Incense

Your day may be completely full with all the things that you have to do including dealing with your kids or spouse, work, home, chores, meetings, sports, and homework. There are many reasons why some people stay tense and stressed out during the day, and just when you think you’ve got it handled, something always comes along to prove that you don’t. Life can be enjoyable but things always seem like they jump in the way so you don’t get to enjoy it much. When you get home from work, you need a way to relax and unwind so you can enjoy the evening with your family or friends. You have spent the day preparing everyone for school or work early in the morning and then you start your day. During the day you handle everyone’s demands to get the job done, and then it is home to handle the demands there. It’s time for relaxation with the fresh aroma of K2 incense.

As soon as you walk in the door, tell everyone that you need thirty minutes, and you will be available to fix dinner and help everyone out. Go in your room, lock the door, light some K2 incense, change your clothes so you can relax and unwind. Sit down for twenty minutes and read a book, lie on your bed, or meditate as your k2 drug incense fills the air. After the incense is completely burned out, you will be ready to go out and enjoy family time with everyone while you do the chores that need to be done. Since you are not as stressed out and feeling run down, chances are you will probably get more done than you ever have in the evenings. That is because when you start something with a positive outlook, chances are your outlook will in turn be positive.

At night, you can benefit from the aroma of sweet lavender as you get ready for bed. Allow yourself an extra ten minutes to burn the lavender incense while you change your clothes, brush your hair, or just sit down and relax. Don’t lie down in bed until you are ready for your eyes to close and go to sleep. If you go to bed too soon, you may find that you toss and turn and stay awake contemplating everything that must be done for the next day.

It’s important that you learn how to relax and unwind with K2 incense there to help. The constant stress is a normal part of your day, but how you handle it is completely on you. If you want to create a positive world, then you have to start with yourself first. You will be amazed at how quickly a positive attitude from yourself can make everyone else think more positively about their day too. K2 incense makes it possible to think positive by simply using a fresh aroma to enhance your senses, and make you more aware of positive things. It takes too much energy to be negative and stressed out all of the time. Release the negativity, and think positive with K2 incense.

Places Where Ecigs are Banned

New York recently voted that ecigs were no longer going to be allowed in public buildings, which includes libraries, clubs, schools, bars, and restaurants. This marks a major blow to those of us who vape, especially since some of us only started to us ecigs because we would be able to enjoy them in spots where smoking had been banned.

What truly worrisome about New York’s new policy is the fact that it probably won’t be long before other states follow suit and vapers all over the country find themselves struggling to locate a place where they can enjoy their ecigs. The reason for the increased restrictions on where you can and can’t use ecigs has been triggered by people who refuse to listen to any logical argument about just how safe the devices are. Most states have already issued a ban on using ecigs in hospitals and courthouses.

The exact places where ecigs are banned varies from state to state and city to city. If you’re in an unfamiliar place, it’s in your best interest to ask what the establishments policy is regarding the use of ecigs before you pull yours out of your purse or your pocket.

The good news is that some steps are being taken to make sure you always have someone where you can go to enjoy your ecigs. All over the country, ecig lounges have been popping up. These provide you with a safe pace you can go and enjoy your ecigs. The great thing about the ecig lounges is that they’re a great place to meet people and to learn more about ecigs.

Electronic Cigarette Etiquette for All Vapers to Remember

If you are new to using electronic cigarettes, and especially if you have made the switch from traditional tobacco products, you may be wondering if electronic cigarettes require the same etiquette when using them in public. Here are some tips to using electronic cigarettes correctly in different settings:

When using them somewhere like a restaurant or store, always ask the management first if electronic cigarettes must be smoked outside like regular cigarettes. Sometimes they are treated the same, other times they are allowed indoors. A good rule of thumb is to always, always ask before using!

If you go to someone’s home and want to use an electronic cigarette, again, always ask first. Sometimes people have a sensitive nose to the smell of some of the vapor flavors. They also may be opposed to having any sort of smoking products in their home. As a guest in their home, the best thing to do is ask first, and be prepared to step outside to smoke if need be.

Another thing is to be mindful that most people are not really familiar with electronic cigarettes and will still see the like tobacco cigarettes. They will imagine a cloud of smoke, a strong smell, and see them as a disruption. It’s best to educate them tactfully on electronic cigarettes, and show them that they are different. You may find that people are proud of your desire and will to stop smoking tobacco, and will encourage you to use them if it helps you to stop smoking.

You may also find that as you use electronic cigarettes, your need to use them will decrease over time, then you won’t need these tips at all!

Using Ecigs In Restaurants

The smoke police have struck again. I have to admit that I have made a few enemies on this topic before. I am one of the most freedom loving people in the world. I think a person should be free to do anything they want. While I appreciate laws and regulations I also love freedom. This means, to me, that if a person would like to smoke in public they should be allowed to. I also happen to be a huge fan of ecigs. I think a person should be able to use ecigs in restaurants. I mean when you think about it what is the main problem. I think the main reason why so many people have a hard time with allowing ecigs in restaurants is that they think they are smoking regular cigarettes. That is crazy. Using ecigs in restaurants is nothing more than breathing. While there might be a cloud and there might be a slight odor, there are no toxic chemicals at all.

So many people have a hard time with the ecig world because there has not been enough effort given to combat the false information. We have allowed the media to paint the ecigs as a bad thing. We have allowed them to drive the narrative. I have learned that the best defense is a good offense. So instead of allowing the media the chance to set the argument, why don’t we go on the offensive? When it comes to using ecigs in restaurants I would have to urge all of my vaping brethren to show no mercy. If we would all just do our thing and let the pieces fall where they may…we might make a difference.

Public Vaping is Great!

There are so many good reasons for smokers just like you to make the change from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. First of all, you must understand that when you smoke electronic cigarettes, you are not really smoking. Some people who use ecigs call what they do vaping instead of smoking. The reason for this is because there is no smoke coming from the ecigs. They are essentially smoke free cigarettes that emit only a vapor instead of smoke. Not only is this better for the people around you because there is no second hand smoke, but it means that you can use them in more places.

This is what we call public vaping. It may seem like a new term, but it really just means that you are smoking, or vaping an ecig in a public place. Unlike smoking a regular cigarette, you can use ecigs wherever you want. For the most part, there are no restrictions on where you can vape an electronic cigarette. If you are already using ecigs, you may wonder if there are specific places you can go to vape in public where there will be others just like you.

The best way to find out about public vaping businesses is to locate your local vape shop. They should have a listing of vaping lounges in your area. These are great places to go to find people just like you who enjoy vaping in public. The vape shops are also a great resource for those who are new to vaping and want to learn more about the latest technology or which brands might work the best to fit their individual vaping needs.

Opinions On Using Ecigs In Public

When it comes to the world of the ecig there are always going to be numerous opinions and thoughts. I have learned that although the world hates cigarettes in general, they are also being taught to hate the ecig. The saddest part of this is that the ecig is one of the best and most helpful things to be given to the smoker since the lighter. The ecig does not have tobacco and it does not produce smoke. The ecig does not produce any ash at all and it does not cause any problems with second hand smoke. The reality of the ecig is that it is cleaner, cheaper, and healthier than the regular cigarette. However the world is turning their noses up at these devices mainly because the media and the politicians are not in favor of them. I have been saying for years that the large tobacco companies are the ones behind the smear campaign of ecigs. They are losing billions of dollars and they are going to do whatever they have to do in order to stop this loss of funds.

So what are your opinions on using ecigs in public? Most people are against this and I am not sure why. The reality is that the ecig does not produce any issues for the public. There are no ashes to burn you and there is no second hand smoke that can cause you to develop cancer. The truth of the matter is that the stigma behind the ecig in public is nothing more than residual stigma from regular cigarettes. Opinions range from hating the use of these things to not caring at all. I think once the public learns for themselves they will be much better off.

New Zealand Study is Good News for Anyone Who Wants to Quit Smoking

According to a study that was recently conducted in New Zealand, one of the reasons that people who currently smoke should seriously consider making the leap from conventional cigarettes to ecigs is that there’s a good chance that the battery powered ecigs could help them give up nicotine once and for all, something that’s very difficult to do. Ecigs make quitting possible.

The study revealed that ecigs are every bit as effective as quit smoking devices as quit smoking patches, and some people who weren’t involved in the study are quick to point out that they weren’t able to wean themselves from nicotine until they purchased an electronic cigarette starter kit.

Researchers created three separate groups of smokers, all of whom expressed an interest in quitting smoking. The largest group was given nicotine patches, one received a placebo, and the third set were issued nicotine free ecigs. The study lasted for six months, and while not everyone was able to break their reliance on nicotine, 3 of the participants that were issued ecigs reported they’d stopped smoking. Other members of that group said they experienced a significant decrease in the number of cigarettes they smoked on a daily basis.

The study was set up so that participants could receive support via a phone line, but organizers reported that very few participants felt the need to call. One of the things that many people have noted is that the ecigs have been especially helpful for individuals who have tried using patches to quit smoking, but still needed a little extra help.

The New Zealand study was so well conducted and the results were published in a popular medical journal, The Lancet.

Vaping Etiquette for Restaurants

As a former smoker, I really crave my ecig right after a good meal so restaurants sometimes pose a challenge. There is no policy that dictates what restaurants should do about vapers in my area, so it’s really up to individual management to decide whether to allow ecigs inside or make them head out to the patio. If you are like me, it can be difficult to discern when it’s okay to vape and when you should just head outside. Here are some etiquette tips to guide you during your next restaurant adventure.

First, don’t be a cloud chaser in the restaurant. If you are going to try to vape in a public place, be discreet about it. Leave your big mod at home and take a smaller ecig that won’t create a massive haze and draw attention. I usually take a basic cigalike when I go out to eat and that way I can use it without anyone really noticing. The key is to avoid big vaper clouds. There isn’t really a smell to give you away so visibility is the key to avoid confrontations. When you inhale the vapor, take smaller puffs and then hold it in a few extra seconds and most of it should dissipate before you even exhale.

Second, handle confrontations with an extra measure of grace. Remember that most people are really misinformed about vaping so if someone says something negative about you using your ecig, use it as an opportunity to educate them kindly on the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Explain that it is tobacco-free and the “smoke” is only water vapor with no chemicals or carcinogens to put anyone in danger. I usually tell people that I was a smoker for years, but the ecig is my smoking cessation aide. That typically does the trick!

Should Ecigs Be Used In Public?

When it comes to smoking and the public opinions we are all aware of the information. Most people are against smoking in public since the issues are well documented. Issues such as second hand smoke and even burns are very well documented and they have led to the major ban on smoking in public. However there is a new phenomenon moving across the country known as vaping. Vaping is similar to smoking in that the user has a device that they “puff” on and the device delivers nicotine. But apart from that there are no major similarities. Vaping produces zero smoke and there are no ashes. All that is produced is a water vapor. So the question needs to be asked. Is it ok to use ecigs in public? Well it will depend on whom you ask.

The mayor of New York City thinks that vaping in public is a danger and a health hazard. Of course he overlooks the hundreds of doctors that disagree. Why? Because he has good friends and loyal campaign contributors that are linked to tobacco as well as drug companies. Using ecigs in public are much different than smoking because the health concerns have been removed. All that remains is the public stigma. So I must ask a serious question. If vaping is so bad then why are there hundreds of doctors that are encouraging a switch from tobacco to ecigs? They are simply a safer alternative. Vaping in public is a good thing for the user but for those not using they will have to get used to the idea. They are not being endangered and they are not being cramped. Should ecigs be used in public? I say yes.